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MCC: Brings Cultural Learning

Priscille Umba, First Year Reporter

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There are over 75 different languages spoken at this school alone. We are full of different cultures in this school. You can get a great chance to get a view through Multi-Cultural Club.

Multi-Cultural Club or MCC is a club about different cultures coming together. Mrs. Wiskow, the club advisor, says,

“It’s about embracing your culture. MCC can also help you see how different cultures are different and connected.” Mrs. Wiskow also states that, “MCC is one big family that is working together.”

MCC is also a learning experience about our world and cultures. Fahimah Zaman, a Freshman, joined to bond with students of diverse backgrounds. She also wanted to learn about other cultures, and participate in something that celebrates the diversity of our school.

Led by Kaitlyn Herrador, club president, MCC is making a difference in our school. Other cultures may make us feel uncomfortable but MCC is changing that. Students can learn about different cultures fashion, dances, and religion. One way MCC teaches us on different cultures in through dance performances. The performances are based on American, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, and Polynesian cultures.

The club members meet on Wednesdays after school to practice and plan different events. This year things are changing, since there won’t be any assemblies anymore. But this doesn’t mean MCC will stop doing things. There will still be mix-up week and stuff to do on mix up week.

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