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The Artist With No Easel

Katie Freeman, First Year Reporter

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Banksy is a British artist, activist, film maker and all around provocateur who influences the world through his moving artwork on the streets. His work as a director, according to Smithsonianmag.com, has been nominated for an academy award for his film Exit Through The Gift Shop. Some of his work on walls or building sides have sold from $300,000 to $1,000,000.

Banksy isn’t just selective to England, he has also “Bombed”, as his followers call it, Vienna, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris and Detroit. Banksy has made public service announcements before, but with a paper bag. This odd way is the method he has chosen to conceal his identity– and his people don’t intend on spoiling the surprise.

Though his following doesn’t want him to come out of the dark, the authorities want otherwise. According to Referance.com, graffiti is illegal in most countries.

Due to Banksy not painting on an actual easel, he is technically committing a crime. Police around the country have been looking for him ever since his work went viral.

Even though his identity has been covered, many think that it is 42 year-old Robin Gunningham. According to Thedailybeast.com, a geographic profiling investigation has helped law enforcements track down the mysterious artist.

Another theory is that Banksy is Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja, the lead singer of the band Massive attack. Many think that Banksy is him because for many of the Banksy exhibitions, Massive Attack had a show there or their tour stopped there. Such as in Toronto, Banksy artwork showed up on May 14th, 2010. The massive attack tour stopped there May 7th, 2010.

Or even Banksy’s first artwork. Massive attack formed in England of 1998 while Banksy first appeared in the early 1990’s.

In Boston of 2010, Banksy’s popped up in October while the massive attack tour took place on October 19th.

Many signs point to Del Naja being the concealed artist but no one will know until he comes out of hiding.

His work is popular for many reasons; because of the detail put into street art, but mainly because of the message it sends to its viewers. Different pieces have different statements.

Such as a piece where a mother is Cleaning up her son who is dressed in punk rock clothing and carrying a flag of some sort of anarchy. A mother, representing peace and order and motherhood, is helping out a son who is shown to represent chaos and defiance. In all, the piece represents opposites attract or opposites correspond.

Or another piece of artwork where a protestor is about to throw a bouquet of flowers. This is representing fighting with peace.This can be seen to the left.

To look for more of Banksy’s work, check out Banksy.com

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