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Thinking About a Piercing?

Katie Freeman, First Year Reporter

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Many People, including KR students, have many different types of piercings. Nose, cartilage, septum, the list goes on and on. But if you are one that is thinking about getting a piercing of any sort, there are a few things you should do before you decide.

Depending on where and what type you are getting, you shouldn’t just wake up one day and say, “I’m going to get a hole in my skin.” There are percausions that you should take before actually going somewhere and getting a piercing.

First of all, you should really think about whether you actually want this piercing or if it’s just the heat of the moment. If you just go to a piercing shop and get your belly pierced and then the next day decide you hate it, then you just wasted about $30 (Health.costhehelper.com).

According to Northwestern University, around 25% percent of people regret their piercing sooner later.

Location is also a key role in where you get your piercing done. Many tattoo parlors or shops offer body piercings because they both involve working with needles for body modifications. The piercer at a tattoo shop is more reliable and usually knows what they are doing because they work with needles daily, where as someone who works at Claire’s or a chain jewelry shop just works there and isn’t typically professionally trained (netmums.com).

Functionality in everyday life is also very important to think about. If you play a sport or are physically active a majority of the week, you typically can’t wear jewelry due to the risk of clothing snagging on jewelry or people accidentally tearing or grabbing jewelry resulting in the skin tearing or other injurys. Runtastic.com suggests waiting for the season to be over or when the sport is on a break of some sort to minimize the time the jewelry has to be in during the season.

Permission from parents is something that is necessary if you are under 18 and would like to get a piercing. NCSL.com states that if you are under the age of 14, you cannot get a body piercing (belly, nose, septum, etc.). If you are between the ages of 14-17, you cannot receive a piercing without a parent or legal guardians consent. So consult with your parents when deciding to get a piercing.

Many people also forget about the aftercare with a piercing and the time and patience it comes with. 3 months is the recommended time for a piercing to be left in says Piercology.com, but piercings in more sensitive places like the cartilage or nose could take longer. Even if it looks ready to take out and it is before the 3 months are up, don’t because the chances are it probably isn’t. If you do, it could cause complications in the future. The site also says to avoid touching or playing with the piercing due to the oils in your hands could raising infection possibility.

Also, make sure that your piercing is performed in a sterile environment. Be sure to watch your piercer put on gloves and take out a brand new needle that is clean. If anything feels off or makes you feel uneasy, tell your piercer. Better safe than sorry.

For more information on the subject of piercings, go to Piercology.com, Statisticbrain.com and Deeproots.com

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