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How Important are Christmas Traditions?

Katie Kerin, First Year Reporter

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Christmas is one of the best times of year. Christmas is a holiday that brings together families, and one can never be sad in the midst of such cheer. As Andy Williams said, or more accurately, sang “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

I was sitting in front of my window daydreaming about Christmas. This holiday is so complex, and one thing that Christmas could not do without is traditions. Each family has different traditions for Christmas.

Taylor Purdin, a student at KR, commentated on this. Her family celebrates Christmas and she personally enjoys this holiday a lot. Taylor’s favorite Christmas tradition is picking out a tree. This is a very unique tradition for families here in America. Families unite to decide a tree that will stand as a symbol of Christmas in their house for the next couple of months.

We, as high school students, can understand immensely that time is precious and rare. During this special holiday family time is something that we should treasure. Taylor personally thinks that in the future decorating the house as a family would be a tradition worth starting. Shouldn’t we all hold dear the time we spend with our families this Christmas?

Looking back over Christmas memories it is amazing to see just how much family Christmas time is spent focusing around traditions. Traditions may be decorating the house, opening one present on Christmas eve, or even just being close with family.

When I questioned Taylor on the importance of Christmas tradition, the answer was “very important”. Can we imagine a Christmas holiday without some key things that make it so cheerful, warm, and safe?
Charmaine Tibeau, a science teacher at KR, also added to the importance of traditions. Her family values traditions greatly and she spends her time with family. She takes her 5-year-old son to the Christmas parade every year. Santa comes by in his boat on the river and you can see the joy on the children’s faces. Traditions in her family include card games, making cookies, dinner with family, and more. All of these examples show the love and joy in Christmas.

Without traditions families would have less opportunities to be together. As Mrs. Tibeau told me, “Christmas traditions are ingrained in us, and without them I would really miss it.”

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