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6 Unique Holiday Traditions World Wide

Olivia Cowley, First Year Reporter

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The world is full of unique holiday traditions. Here are only 6 of them.

1. The Christmas Log
(Catalonia, Spain)
The partially hollow log is a Christmas tradition in Spain where people will paint one end of it with a face while the other is hollowed and stuffed with presents! People will also stick legs to the log and lay food out for it!

2. Krampus
(Austria, Germany, Hungry)
This devilish creature follows Saint Nicholas around and unleashes punishment on the naughty kids. If he comes across a particularly unruly child, he throws him in a sack for a midnight snack! Creepy!

3. KFC
Although Christmas is not typically celebrated in Japan, this unusual tradition began on December 25th, 40 years ago! Its custom to buy KFC and share with your friends and family.

4. Spider Webs on
Christmas Trees
In some Ukrainian small towns, its tradition to put spider webs on Christmas trees for good luck! It began after an old legend which told the story of a widow who was poor and could not decorate her tree for her children. In the middle of the night, spiders came and wove threads of gold and silver to act in place of ornaments!

5. The Night of the Radishes
(Oaxaca, Mexico)
On the night of December 23rd every year a display of radishes are presented throughout the area! The radishes are grown specifically for the festivities and are carved after Mexican folklore!

6. Beach Days
Because they’re located in the southern hemisphere, Australians celebrate Christmas under the summer heat! People will flock to the beaches for days of swimming and tanning as their Christmas treat! Forget about snowmen and snowball fights, how about sandmen and beach volleyball!

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