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Women Should Earn the Same Pay as Men in the U.S.

Over decades of research, it has been proven that there is a pay gap between men and women, and there always has been.

Tionna Taylor, First Year Reporter

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Women that work for a full year typically make 79% of the money that a man would working a full year. Women’s rights to equal pay is a horrendous topic that has been going on forever.

Women make up nearly half the U.S. labor force. They are also starting to grow as the main breadwinners in a family structure. They need the money to be able to pay for their family.

If women are not able to get the same pay as men, then they can’t successfully support their family in a safe and secure manner. There are more single women with a family then single men with a family, so they would need more support.

Moving on, there has been research between men and women that continue the same job for many decades. There is still a pay gap between the two groups and the women are the ones that are getting ruined.
It’s not like the men are doing more work than the women, or they have more skill/ability than women. If you look through the data, decades of research show that no matter how you look at the data, there remains a pay gap , even after factoring in the kind of work people do, or qualifications such as education and experience.

I don’t believe that with the qualifications that women have, that they should be treated with less respect and less money. It’s not even the idea of money. It’s also the respect.

We all know that women have always been seen as ‘lower’ than men. Yes, America is about equal rights and the rights for everyone. But the respect for women’s work is not yet there. Women have the right to vote, the right to say what they want, the right to practice religion, but not the same right for their pay.

Some may disagree, and say that women have the same exact rights and earnings as men, but that’s not true. For every $1 that a male may make, a woman can only make up to $0.79.

Another idea to consider, there are also greater pay gaps between your race. So not only do women get paid less, depending on their race and nationality, they could earn even less money.

I feel like women are not getting the respect and pay they need to, to not able to be respected, but also to support their family.

There has been said to be ways that the government are dealing with this problem, but I believe that there should be more. Women should be fighting for their rights.

In my opinion, America is not treating women with what they need to successfully live their life. They need the same pay as men to have the same ability to live a stable life.

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