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Quidditch is a rough and difficult sport played at the Wizarding School of Hogwarts and around the world.

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Photo Credit: Creative Commons
Left: Bluger Center: Quaffle Right: Bluger

The premise of Quidditch is to score more points than the other team and catch the Golden Snitch. It is played in the air on flying broom sticks, with two teams, seven people on each team, four positions, four balls, and three different types of balls. There are three Chasers per team who control the Quaffle and try to score it into one of the three goal posts while advoiding the Keeper. The Keeper’s one responsibility is guarding the goal posts and keeping the chasers from scoring. The Quaffle is one of the three ball types and is the ball used to score points into the goal posts.

The Bludger on the other hand cannot be used for scoring but instead to knock players off their brooms. It is a jet black ball and made of iron with a ten-inch diameter. The two Beaters on the field carry bats and hit the two Bludgers away from their team and toward the other team.

The last position goes the Seeker, there is one per team and the only have one job, catch the Golden Snitch. “Catching the golden snitch gets the team 150 points and ends the game. Now if team A scores 170 points and team B is at 10, even if team B catches the snitch, team A would win the match.” (harrypotterquidditch.com). So the capturing of the Golden Snitch doesn’t necessarily mean an automatic win but it does make a significant difference.

Even though Quidditch is seen as a difficult and dangerous sport it is played by many. There hundreds of leagues and teams throughout the world. Various competitions are played between teams like the Quidditch World Cup and the International Quidditch Tournament. At the Quidditch World Cup (also called the World Cup or World Championship) teams representing their countries play against each other to win for their country. Whereas the International Quidditch Tournament is between regional teams.

Whether playing or watching Quidditch is an intriguing sport. For more information on strategies or famous tournaments, go to harrypotter.wikia.com

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