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Minimum Wage Increase

How it affects us

Lauren Himes, First Year Journalist

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On a Tuesday, November 8, 2016, we voted and Initiative 1433 was passed. “Initiative 1433 ensures every Washington worker can earn paid sick and safe leave and raises the minimum wage to $13.50 phased-in over four years and up to $15 by 2020 (Raiseupwa).”
Before this initiative minimum wage in the state of Washington was $9.47 and since this initiative was passed starting January 1, 2017 the hourly minimum wage rate will be $11. Many were in favor of this initiative passing with a 57.42% (ballotpedia) rate. This initiative also requires employers to provide paid sick leave for every 40 hours their employees have worked (ballotpedia).
This initiative is stood behind by labor unions and worker advocates who state that the state’s current minimum wage isn’t enough to comfortably live on and as a result of many workers not having access to paid sick leave can result in a public health issue (seattletimes). As a result of Initiative 1433 passing, thousands of Washington employees will be able to get a raise and earn the opportunity to earn paid sick and safe leave (seattletimes).
The minimum wage increase has been a very controversial topic to some. The potential raise to $15 an hour bothers some and proses the question as to why a 16-year-old who works at McDonalds is making the same as a 30 year-old (forbes). While this is a good-point to be brought up, minimum wage is adjusted and increased as the economy grows and as the cost of living goes up, so does the minimum wage otherwise people wouldn’t be able to afford anything.
The very first minimum wage law was signed on June 25, 1938 by Roosevelt as a part of the Fair Labor Standards Act which effected about 20% of the entire labor force (forbes). This act was created to be fair to everyone in the work force by setting a minimum wage, the lowest standard of pay for what you work.
However, with this wage increase it also proses questions concerning small business, decrease of job availability, our economy and arguments of people being laid off for skills they don’t have for certain jobs. While it is undeniable with this high of a wage increase that there will be certain cut-backs with jobs and small business’s but some would argue as well that with this increase of pay people will have the extra money to spend which will help to greater increase our economy.
According to Raise Up Wa.com, “Initiative 1433 is good for business and our economy, too. By raising the minimum wage fir more than 730,00 Washingtonians, we will add nearly $2.5 billion into local economies. When minimum-wage workers have $600 more in their pockets every month, they spend it in local business and boost our economy which in turn will create even more good-paying jobs.
Many who first heard the proposal for the minimum wage increase and freaked out because they thought they would be losing their jobs, while some jobs may be lost due to this increase, business find ways to save jobs of their workers by creating proficiency trackers to make sure the paycheck you are receiving is well-earned for the work you are doing.
Businesses have a plan to survive this minimum wage increase, not all is doomed.

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