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School in the Early 1900’s Compared to 2000’s

February 13, 2017

The United States’ education system has dramatically changed from the 1900’s to the 2000’s. Gender roles were more prominent, racial segregation was the norm, and teachers had different sets of laws placed upon them.

Gender rules were strict and forced many female teachers to not marry or be seen with men. Their other limitations included a curfew, a ban on bright colored clothing and hair dying, a law that forced them to get permission to leave the city limits and from loitering in different places, as well as a ban on smoking cigarettes.

It was also typical for females to become teachers rather than males because it was viewed as a woman’s job to tend to children and obey authority. Having more female teachers also allowed the school to save more money because women were paid less.

Students were often taught separately based on their gender if the space in the schoolhouse allowed for it. Schoolhouses in southern small towns did not have sizeable schools to separate the children, however, in cities there was enough space to accommodate multiple classrooms so boys and girls were split.

There were also two separate schools for white children and other children of color.

Students of color attending school who worked on farms could be pulled out of school and forced to work at anytime by the farm owner. Because of this, most students dropped out after 4th grade.

Schools where people of color attended were generally filthy due to a lack of resources.

In present times, students of all races and cultures can learn and be part of the same school. Students are no longer separated by gender in most public schools. Drop-out rates are also drastically lower than in the early 1900’s because of industrialization.

As towns and cities began to industrialize, more students began graduating schools and moving on to attend college because they were no longer needed for the laborious tasks of agricultural work.

Although the systems of teaching and quality of learning have improved remarkably, there are still many flaws in the American education system that need to be fixed in order for every student to have a successful and fair schooling experience.


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