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The KR Chatelaines Are Starting to Prepare for State Competition in March

Tionna Taylor, 1st Year Reporter

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The Kentridge Chatelaines have had a great start to their year, but now they want to start to focus on March’s state competition, in Yakima, to defend their championship title. The girls’ all want to make sure that they are on their ‘A game’ and doing the best to their ability in the state competition.

The Chatelaines are really trying to make sure they get everything right and fix what they need to, that’s why they have 3 practices a week. Tuesdays and Thursday from 5:30-8:30. They even have six hour Saturday practices from 9-3.

Tiffany Yango, a junior on the team, was asked how she felt the Chats’ are preparing for state in practice, and she noted, “We usually have fun practices. We do workouts, routines, and exercises that make sure we keep up our endurance and makes sure we’re sharp.”

Erin Dorney and Lizzy Bell, two freshmen on the Chatelaines, both agreed that, “Extra practices and making sure we’re focused on the routines,” is a great way to stay attentive. “Making sure we’re doing what we can in and outside of practices and making sure we concentrate on our goals will really help what that as well.”

Moving forward, the team is well connected and they bond like family. They are always there for each other which not only helps them in school or in life, but helps inside their routines. They can trust one another and they know that there will always be the team to fall back on and they’ll always have somebody there for them.

Fortunately, the team has confidence in each other and they are all positive when talking about the team and their growing potential.

Junior Captain, Alyssa Clifton has only great things to say about the team when it comes down to the effort, talent, and togetherness. “So far I think this is the most bonded our team has ever been and were all hard workers and we all get along well. And I think all of us individually have our talents, but as a whole I think we look the best we can for now, and eventually well look even better. It’s a great team to be working with and it’s always fun to be with them.”

Tiffany Yango would have to agree with her Junior Captain and saying that, “The team this year is very talented

and diverse. We all have a lot of different talents that mix very well together.”

The Chatelaines are very anxious, along with excited, about their routines. They are working

with the routine and making sure it fits with the characteristics of all the girls’. Some altercations may be made but they can adapt very well and work with each other.

Looking back at last year, the team had won the championship title, and they want a repeat. The older ladies know what it’s like to win a high school dance championship, and they would like to bring another one back to KR. Some

of the members have some large goals but feel the team can achieve them.

“I think we’re getting where we need to be at the moment, but there is always room for improve

ment,” stated Erin Dorney.

Alyssa, being able to look over the team and compare to previous years would like to see, “another championship, that’s always nice to have and see that we achieved. In the least, I would like to win one of our dance categories. The main thing I have to look at is that we have improved from our other competitions and gave our all.”

No way to say it better, it’s all about the Chats going out with a positive attitude and full work effort to make sure they represent their school, and themselves.

The Chats are making sure they put in their all to make sure they are prepared and able to tap their potential to make their mark in state competition.

The KR Chatelaines compete on March 25, 2017 where they hope to defend their state championship title and bring another one home.

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