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A Proposed Bill Allows Fans to Bring Guns into Washington Stadiums

Tionna Taylor, 1st Year Reporter

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A recent bill that allows fans to bring in concealed guns into Washington State stadiums, such as Century Link and Safeco Field, has been proposed by Republican Representatives Matt Shea, David Taylor, and Bob McCaslin. Their idea of the bill is to hopefully prevent stadium operators from not letting people of the public, with a license to hold a concealed weapon, get into their stadiums.

It is currently illegal to bring weapons and guns into a Washington state stadium even if you have a concealed weapons license. Safeco Field and Century Link are

one of many stadiums that currently don’t allow fans or employees, not including security or police officers, to bring in weapons of any kind.

Both stadiums both have strict no-gun policies and are privately owned/ operated. The state does not have definite control over these stadiums, so there could be potential problems between the owners and the Republican Representatives.

Also, there seems to be controversy between the Republican Representatives bill and the NFL’s policy. The bill goes against a policy of the NFL’s.

“We haven’t seen the proposed legislation but we have a policy forbidding carrying a weapon into NFL stadiums,” Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, told The Washington Post on December 11, 2016.

The NFL and the Seattle Seahawks are trying to keep the Seahawks arrest rate to a minimum. The Seahawks have the lowest arrest rate for their games at an average of 0.8 arrests per game. The Seahawks and the NFL are trying to keep the players and all their fans in a safe environment. By bringing this bill in, there have been some insights to the idea.

A situation that has been brought upon the representatives is the idea that, games can become ‘heated’ and people can get out of control. And allowing people to have these weapons could cause a fight, not only getting people arrested, but causing a lot of harm to others in the stadium and possibly causing a lot of damage to property and the people.

Arming fans in stadiums where alcohol is allowed, and the emotions of fans swing, can seem like a risky move for the state. There could be more complications than good deeds in the idea of passing the law.

There are still some lose ends with the full concept/policy of the bill, but with Washington being a major blue state, and being full of democratic representatives, there is a very slim chance of the bill actually being pushed and passed into an active policy.

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