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Problems with the Controversial Qatar World Cup

Grace Wallen, 1st Year Reporter

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Holding the world cup in Qatar has been a questioned move since it was announced back in 2010.

The announcement was very unexpected, and many believed that there was some sort of motive behind it. There have been many accusations of Qatar bribing FIFA into holding the cup in their country because many people were not even aware of the country being in consideration to hold the event (Business Insider). There have also been many consequences from the decision to hold the event in Qatar., who without a doubt, is the most controversial host nation of the World Cup ever.

For the first time, the World Cup will not held in June or July. It will be held in December due to the extreme hot weather in Qatar during the summer. The original plan was to have air conditioned stadiums. However, this was very out of budget causing the event to be moved to winter for the first time ever. Sepp Blatter, former president of FIFA, admitted that holding the cup here was a mistake due to the extreme weather (Wikipedia).

In addition, Qatar is not a wealthy country, and the building of the different arenas for the event has put the country greatly in debt (Business Insider).

Costs are coming in at about $200 Billion, four times the amount that Russia spent on the Sochi Olympics which were known as historically expensive. Due to these financial problems, there will only be eight different arenas played in despite the goal of having twelve.

Qatar has faced a lot of criticism due to how their foreign workers have been treated. Human rights workers have worked heavily against having the World cup due to the reports of many migrants being denied food, water and other basic human needs . Many have accused the country of participating in modern day slavery to build the arena. 1,200 workers from Nepal and India have died during the building of different arenas. (Business Insider).

Qatar’s government is also a concern for the cup. There have also been multiple accusations of the country supporting terrorism diplomatically as well as financially. Also, there have been concerns for fans in the LGBT community who may attend the event and how they will be treated by locals (Business Insider).

Though it would be last minute, the cup could be moved to a more urban place like Los Angeles for example, due the weather, the booming economy, and some of the already available venues. The city would also be able to provide a living wage to workers building any needed arenas. LA is also a very accepting community that is used to a high rate in tourism.

Whether the World Cup is moved or not, everyone can agree that holding the cup there is a bad idea.

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