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Semester Finals Survival Guide

Piper Schutter, First Year Reporter

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They aren’t as hard as they seem. But just in case this is your first time taking finals, here are some tips on how to pass!
Study! Actually taking time out of your everyday activities to study, even if it’s for just ten minutes, anything can help! But not all at once. Divide and conquer with different subjects and units. Maybe make some flash cards for English and a separate study guide for Spanish and take time to study each one separately. And seriously take your time. It’ll be worth it.
Use every freebie that your teacher gives you! If it’s a study session or extra problems or homework to do, take it! Anything can help improve what you know or help you review what you’ve already learned!
Control your feelings. At Kentridge, we squeeze all six finals into two days with each class getting an extension of an hour, which makes it a lot harder to focus on each test equally. If you just took the math final, don’t stress about what score you got while you’re taking your science final. Stop worrying and concentrate. Take each test one at a time and you will have more control over your score and how well you do.
Don’t divide up your time. When you study, make a specific day for each subject. It’s been proven that when you divide your study time by days rather than minutes that you get a better understanding of the material. For example, take two hours on Monday to study biology, then an hour on Tuesday for algebra, and so on.
These are some helpful tips on how to control your studying time and how to survive semester finals at Kentridge.

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